Resilient Children Psychology Service

Resilient Children is an Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology Service that provides support to parents/carers, schools, Local Authorities and Social Care to identify the needs of the children and young people and find the best way forward to meet their educational, social and emotional needs.

Dr Aysun La Fontaine

Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychologist specialising in attachment and trauma and the impact on child development, learning and social and emotional well-being.

Professional Doctorate in Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Insitute of Education, University College London (2012)

MSc in Cross Cultural Psychology, Brunel University (2004)

HCPC registered & Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society)

Child friendly

Assessments are planned according to children and young people's strengths and needs. It is important to identify the strengths to build upon them both at home and school.

"It was fun to work with Aysun. I always thought that I just need to stop feeling angry but she taught me how to manage it."

JA, 15 year old 

Non-judgemental space

How do you allow your child the freedom to fail and make mistakes while ensuring they are learning from their experiences?

Supportive and non-judgmental consultations for parents/carers where we can think together how to support your children's development. 

"Dear Aysun,
 I'm really grateful you found a way to make S open up regarding his feelings other professional find it challenging...he doesn't want to deal with his emotions; he wants to put himself in a shell that's why he wants to stay home,  being safe at home away from bullying.  It was really very important to us as his parents to know about that. I'm really grateful and looking forward for more sessions in future."
S' mum (10 year old -emotionally based school avoidance)